• Chainsaw 20″ Gas thumbnail

    Chainsaw 20" Gas

  • Ground Hog Trencher

    Ground Trencher

  • Leaf Vacuum, Walk Behind thumbnail

    Leaf Vacuum, Walk Behind

  • Dingo, Toro TX413 thumbnail

    Dingo, Toro TX413

  • Dingo, Toro TX425 thumbnail

    Dingo, Toro TX425

  • Cement Mixer, Gas thumbnail

    Cement Mixer, Gas

  • Block Cutter thumbnail

    Block Cutter

  • PT-27 Actuated Nail Gun thumbnail

    PT-27 Actuated Nail Gun

    Powder Actuated Tool 27 Cal.

    • Semi-automatic
    • Fastener length 1/2" - 2 1/2" (3" and 4" washered)
    • Fastener type .300 inch or 8mm headed fasteners or 14"-20 threaded studs
    • .27 Caliber strip loads, brown thru red
    • Includes operators manual, spall suppressor, tools for disassembly, safety glasses, ear plugs, tool lubricant, cleaning brushes, caution sign, and operator's exam
    • Key applications: Accoustical ceilings, electrical applications, framing members, drywall track, water proofing material and/or lathing


  • Hedge Trimmer

    Hedge Trimmer, Gas

  • Rear Tine H/D Tiller thumbnail

    Rear Tine H/D Tiller

    This tiller is self-propelled. The FRC800 offers three forward speeds as well as one reverse, allowing you to walk with the tiller at a comfortable pace. The FRC800 is ideal for extra large gardens and breaking new ground quickly. Its heavy duty tines churn through the soil, working it thoroughly.