• Sahara Dryer

    Sahara Dryer

    This lower amp, three-speed airmover offers everything restorers need for performance and versatility, plus legendary Dri-Eaz durability and reliability.

  • Trash Pump, 2” thumbnail

    Trash Pump, 2”

    Honda WT Trash Pumps

  • Submersible Trash Pump 1/2HP thumbnail

    Submersible Trash Pump 1/2HP

    Submersible Trash Pump 1/2HP

    • 2" Discharge
    • Double mechanical seal w/silicon carbide faces running in oil provides reliable performance
    • Built-in circle-thermal protector protects motor from both over-heating & over-current
  • 1/6 HP Submersible Pump

    Submersible 1/6hp Pump

    Submersible Pumps

    Centrifugal design, sump pumps for liquid removal or dewatering of pits or tanks or for use in recirculation, fountains, etc.

  • Auto Auger 5/8” X 100’ thumbnail

    Auto Auger 5/8” X 100’

  • Auto Auger ½” X 75’ thumbnail

    Auto Auger ½” X 75’

    • A large capacity machine for 2" to 4" lines
    • Patented chuck tightens firmly on cable with just a quarter turn.
    • 1/3 HP motor with thermal overload protection
    • Pneumatic foot pedal and ground fault interrupter for safety
    • Safety slip clutch protects cable and operator
    • Power coated steel frame with folding handle and 8" tires


  • Mini Rooter 1/2

    Auto Auger ½” X 50’


    • Clears lines from rooftop to basement including kitchen, bath and laundry drains
    • Quickly-removable cage for more portability
    • Safety slip clutch to protect cable and operator
    • Air foot switch and ground fault interrupter
    • Flexicore wire rope center cable resists kinking and breaking
    • Includes (50EM3) 50 ft. x 1/2" cable for 2" to 4" lines


  • Manual Auger ½” X 50’ thumbnail

    Manual Auger ½” X 50’

  • Drill Drain Cleaner thumbnail

    Drill Drain Cleaner


    • Opens clogged sinks, bathroom drains and roof drains
    • Double insulated reversible motor with variable speed control
    • Gear reducer/drum support system
    • Heavy gauge stamped aluminum container with inner drum to prevent cable tangling
    • Grip shield slides back to engage cable; forward to release it.
    • Automatically adjusts to different cable diameters


  • Toilet Auger, 6’ thumbnail

    Toilet Auger, 6’

    Telescoping Closet Auger 6'

    • Telescoping auger clears stoppages beyond bowl
    • Extra three feet of cable in handle
    • Double spring gives tremendous resistance to kinking
    • Flexible downhead slides through bowl, springs around corners
    • Vinyl bowl guard and vinyl handle with "grip clip" to attach cable